F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton piles pressure on Mercedes as Toto Wolff makes 'naive' claim

Lewis Hamilton maintains that he wants to finish his career at Mercedes, but recently discussed his discontent with driving ‘not great’ F1 cars. 

The Silver Arrows pledged to scrap their unique W14 design early on this season when it became clear that they were still far from catching up with their competitors.

It remains to be seen whether that pushes Hamilton to backtrack on his Mercedes commitment as he chases down an eighth world title. 

“I really do love [F1]. I don’t like driving not-great cars,” he said. “I don’t like driving a car that’s not the car that we had meant to have. But I love that challenge of seeing what I can do with it.

“I’m ready to win a world championship. I’ve prepared the best way I can this year, I think the best thing I’ve ever prepared. And if the car comes correct tomorrow, I’ll be ready to fight for the world championship.”

source: express.co.uk