Vanessa Feltz's cheating ex Ben says he's being stalked as he issues urgent plea 

Ben Ofoedu shared he was receiving continuous calls still from an unknown number today on his Instagram story.

The musician claimed the person was also messaging his followers and urged them to report “any malicious communication”.

On his Instagram story, Ben said in an impassioned video: “I’m being stalked, I know she’s going out to my followers and stuff.

“If she has sent you anything about me or any malicious communication please send it to me so I have evidence for the police.

“Can’t block private numbers,” Ben added while displaying his phone screen to the camera.

Last month Ben said he had been forced to contact the police after an online stalker started targeting his followers.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Danger! [A stalker] is contacting my followers and spreading lies. She’s dangerous and has history of this.”

He then posted a video to Instagram Stories, saying: “People are asking me if I am ok. I’m definitely ok. No problem at all.”

Revealing that he had been harassed for months he said: “It’s a girl who I think is contacting some of my followers and spreading stuff, this and that. Just beware.

“She doesn’t go under her real name so she’ll contact you from a troll account and she’s just a troll basically and she’s been bothering me for months and stuff like that.

“So much so that the Metropolitan police are involved. So if you get any dodgy messages from anyone, it’s her.”

It comes as Vanessa’s former fiancé claimed he cheated on the TV star because she wouldn’t marry him.

Ben revealed he had sex with an older woman in Ibiza as he felt so insecure about the Big Brother star’s reluctance to walk down the aisle.

The Phats and Small star said: “Over a short period of time we had sex three times.

“It was purely sexual, there were no feelings involved. It felt like a chore.

“I just fell back into it with her to keep her sweet and everything under wraps.”

Reflecting on his infidelity, Ben explained to The Mirror: “I should have got some help after the first dalliance.

“I knew there was an insecurity. But I papered over the cracks and if you don’t tackle something it reared its head.

“I cheated because I was insecure. “