‘Vinegar and salt do not work!’ ‘Best’ way to prevent black jeans ‘fading’ in the wash

Kathleen said: “If you’re drying outside, make sure jeans are in the shade as sun can bleach dyes. I would recommend avoiding leaving wet clothes in the machine for too long before hanging up, as the dye can leach out, and it is easier for bacteria to grow in that environment.”

When putting jeans on a wash cycle, it is also important to only wash them with other similar dark colours, if not this will result in the jeans fading.

The laundry pro explained: “Just as you wouldn’t add a red sock to a white wash, I would recommend washing similar colours together. Avoid mixing your black jeans with different colours and instead wash them with other black or similar dark-coloured clothing to minimise fading.”

As an “extra tip”, when doing laundry, Kathleen recommended always waiting until households have a full load of washing. She warned: “A half full drum still uses the same energy and water as a full load, so you could potentially be wasting hundreds a year. 

source: express.co.uk