Outlander explained: What really happened between Claire and King Louis XV?

User ginger3392 said: “Yes. I actually think it explains it better in the book. In the show you just see the 10 seconds or so and that’s it, but I like how in the book they go into detail and explain how he doesn’t finish, and his mistress is in the next room, it’s just a way to show power.”

Outlander fan staralfur_lass stated: “That wasn’t sex, she didn’t “sleep with” him. He raped her.”

This sexual currency seems to be very much of the time hence why Claire knew she would be required to have sex with him.

Sex was very much power at this time and King Louis XV seemed to believe it was his right to sleep with whomever he wanted and to assert his power.

Sadly, Claire was prepared to be violated for Jamie to be freed but it affected her deeply.

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source: express.co.uk