'I tried the F45 Challenge six-week workout plan – and it was intense'


I started the programme at a healthy weight which meant I was more concerned with building strength, increasing muscle mass and reducing my fat percentage.

So, did I achieve this?

Throughout the Challenge, my weight stayed mostly the same. However, thanks to the full body scans before and after, I discovered I had lost 2.1g of fat, and gained 1.7kg of muscle. I definitely felt stronger, was lifting heavier weights and generally feeling more toned and less bloated.

Is it worth it? 


The class format: The structure was easy to follow with the same core moves coming up in a number of classes. This repetition also made is easy to compare if your strength and fitness was improving week on week. Positivity was the focus and blaring music and a friendly atmosphere made the incredibly intense workouts seem fun.

The instructors: It was easy to stay motivated during classes thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of the instructors. Not only did they encourage everyone to push through, they also made sure you were using the correct form to get the most out of each move. They were all quick to learn your name and were friendly and helpful to everyone.

The app: Booking classes was simple using the F45 app. There is a separate Challenge app which offers video workouts if you can’t make it to the class. I used this on days I was short on time and could choose between body weight or dumbbell workouts.

source: express.co.uk