Garden mistakes to avoid that can ‘devalue’ your property – ‘instant turn-off to a buyer’

“They certainly won’t be able to see themselves relaxing in your garden on tatty old garden furniture.”

3. Overbearing water features

While the trend over the past few years is to create a focal point in the garden with an eye-catching water feature, if a garden has one that is too big for the space or costs a lot of money to maintain, it can be an “instant turn-off to a buyer”.

The property gurus warned: “A permanent water feature such as a koi pond or landscaped rockery waterfall can knock off up to £8,000 off your asking price.”

Instead, why not add a bird bath to the garden as this is one of the easiest water features to maintain, which also attracts wildlife to the space. A bird bath doesn’t have pumps, filters or a costly installation fee.

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