Shoppers fury as Tesco announces 'shocking' change affecting customers from May

Tesco will be increasing the minimum amount shoppers have to spend to get an online delivery as well as the basket charge for customers who spend less. The changes are set to take place from May 2, 2023, and all online customers across the country will be affected.

Tesco customers will now have to spend at least £50 to get their groceries delivered, instead of £40.

Those who don’t spend the minimum amount have to face the “basket charge” which will now be £5, an increase from £4.

In terms of the click-and-collect service, at the present time shoppers have to spend a minimum of £25, which will not be affected and will remain the same from next month.

The increase in prices has left customers furious and many took to social media to share their frustration.

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On the Extreme Couponing & Bargains Facebook group, a Tesco shopper said: “The minimum checkout basket is rising from £40 to £50.

“I know this is easily done for families but I know lots of people on their own unable to do a weekly shop and it’s been a lifeline but the rise to £50 will be far too much.”

Another furious customer commented: “I hate that supermarkets have this minimum spend. Makes it difficult for a two-person household to shop.

“I’d never spend £40 or £50 on shopping and then add the delivery on as well. It’s shocking.”

“Won’t take long get it to £50 with the prices in there these days,” another Facebook user added.

Commenting on the new prices, a spokesperson from Tesco said: “To ensure we can continue to serve our online customers as effectively as possible, from May 2 we are making some changes to our minimum basket threshold”.

From Tesco, they clarified this is “the first change we are making in nearly eight years”.

“For the vast majority of our customers, there will be no change to the way they shop.”

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All UK supermarkets charge a delivery fee and require a minimum spend to buy groceries online, such as Sainsbury’s or Asda.

Online shoppers buying at Sainsbury’s need to spend at least £40 or will face a £7 fee to have their groceries delivered.

Asda also requires customers to spend £40 and has a basket charge of £3 if they don’t meet the minimum amount.

Other supermarkets have more affordable online fees such as Morrisons, where shoppers only need to spend £25 to order online but there is a £3 charge if the basket contains less than £40.

Similarly, shopping online in Iceland means customers need to spend at least £40 or face a £3 charge.

Tesco recently introduced Whoosh, a delivery service provided to over 1,000 Tesco Express stores across the country.

With the scheme, customers can order online and collect it from their local Express store in just 30 minutes.

Only the Tesco app is required and there is no minimum spend but for this, shoppers will be charged £2.99 for the delivery.