Putin reels as Ukraine uses kamikaze drones to turn Russian targets into ‘scrap metal’

Video footage has shown Ukrainian forces using a kamikaze drone to turn a Russian air defence system into “scrap metal”, in another blow for President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this week, a clip showed the moments before a similar drone smashed into a Russian armoured personnel carrier.

And the latest film, accompanied by techno music, shows two more Russian military vehicles going up in smoke.

The footage was shared by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), which commented: “SBU specialists hit another fat target: the occupiers minus the TOR air defense system.

“Special forces of the Special Operations Center “A” destroyed the TOR-M2 anti-aircraft missile complex with the help of a kamikaze drone.

“On the account of our soldiers, this is already the fourth “TOR” in March alone!”

In a second tweet, the SBU adds: “And, by the way, the task of these complexes is to destroy air targets at a distance of up to 12 km and at an altitude of 10 km. So we have a question: ‘what happened’?”

Referring to a second vehicle shown unloading a volley of missile strikes before being hit, it adds: “Another target was the Russian ‘Grad’, which also turned into scrap metal after being hit by a drone.”

According to unverified figures released by the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, 172900 Russian personnel have so far been “liquidated” since the start of Putin’s invasion.

Since the start of the war on February 24, Ukraine also claims to have destroyed 3610 tanks, 6974 APVs; 2971 artillery systems; 526 multiple launch rocket systems; MLRS; 278 anti-aircraft warfare systems; 306 aircraft; 291 helicopters; 2239 unmanned aerial vehicles or drones; 911 cruise missiles; 18 warships and boats; 5,518 vehicles and fuel tanks; and 291 pieces of special equipment.

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Speaking during his televised address last night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky referenced fierce fighting in the east of his country, while praising Ukrainian troops offering staunch resistance.

He said: “Today, we have something to thank our warriors for, warriors who are fighting in the Bakhmut direction. Fighting firmly and efficiently.

“I thank each and every one who is doing everything to increase the losses of the enemy there.

“And special thanks to the warriors of our Kost Hordiienko 57th separate motorised infantry brigade, 77th separate airmobile brigade and the glorious Kholodny Yar 93rd separate mechanized brigade. Well done, guys.

He continued: “We are already preparing for the events planned for the second half of this week. I held relevant meetings today.

“Ukraine has not wasted a single week during the full-scale war – we are constantly strengthening our state, our Defense and Security Forces, our confidence in advancing towards victory.”

source: express.co.uk