Dad ‘should have gone to…’ after accidentally buying 60 pairs of glasses

man with reading glasses

Tim Arnold, 61, was left baffled by the Specsavers order (Picture: @ChrisArnoldInc/Twitter)

The slogan ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ is, for better or worse, ingrained on our minds.

Well, one hapless dad will regret not listening to the advertising gods after accidentally buying 60 pairs of reading glasses online.

Tom Arnold had meant to buy ten pairs but misread the quantity and soon found himself surrounded by dozens of cardboard boxes on his sofa.

The 61-year-old was with his son BBC DJ Chris Arnold, who duly posted a picture of his embarrassed dad on Twitter.

He tweeted: ‘My dad has accidentally bought 60 pairs of reading glasses off the internet after misreading the quantity of his order.’

Specsavers got the cue, replying: ‘Do we even need to say it?’

Chris responded: ‘At this point guys, I don’t think you do. P.S. Are you interested in buying 59 pairs of reading glasses off my dad?’

Specsavers then joked: ‘If you can’t shift them you might want to consider adding an extra 118 eyes to your dad’s face.’

man surrounded by glasses boxes

Tom was meant to buy ten pairs of glasses but soon found himself surrounded by cardboard boxes on his sofa (Picture: @ChrisArnoldInc/Twitter)

man in radio studio

Chris was left amused by the gaffe and posted a picture of the scene to Twitter (Picture: @ChrisArnoldInc/Twitter)

The tweet soon went viral and before long Tom ended up on Radio 2, with Anita Rani asking him about the mishap.

He told her: ‘I meant to buy 10. We often lose our reading glasses so we buy a few and just leave them around the house.

‘I thought I’d bought 10 or 12 but I accidentally clicked on 12 sets so I ended up with 60.’

Anita asked whether Tom had his glasses at the time and he replied: ‘I thought I did but if I remember back I might not have had them on.

‘I plan to keep 10 and I’m shortly going down the Post Office to try and return the rest.’

People on Twitter saw the funny side to it all.

Dave Carter said: ‘Maybe consider doing some sort of art installation for the next Turner prize.’

Cal added: ‘Do a deal with your local pub to sell them behind the bar, people need to be able to read their screen properly when they’re putting their Saturday accumulator on.’

Chris replied: ‘Thank you specsavers, itsanitarani, rickedwards1, rachelburden and anyone else who has got involved with my dad’s accidental order!

‘Our family dog passed away recently so we’ve all been a bit sad and this whole saga has really cheered us up.’

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