Mystery as human foot inside a shoe washes up on beach in New Zealand

A human foot still inside a shoe has been found after being spotted by a someone walking along a popular beach Down Under. The horrifying discovery was made on Petone Beach, in the New Zealand’s capital Wellington, at around 8am on Saturday.

Petone Beach is popular with swimmers and attracts tourists and locals, but at this stage police said the mystery human remains had not sparked a murder investigation.

Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Williamson said enquiries were ongoing, but a homicide case had not been opened yet, the Sun reports.

The bodyless appendage has been collected by forensic experts for examination after it was found between Petone Settlers Museum and a pier.

Det Sen Sgt Williamson told “It is not being treated as a homicide investigation at this stage, we are starting off with a preliminary investigation and fact finding.

“Formal identification of the foot will take place in due course.”

Worried locals have spoken of their fears over the gruesome find, with one woman telling Radio New Zealand that she was “disturbed” by the discovery.

She said: “We bring out kids down here. You’re not sure if you’re going to find another one.”

Another listener told the station they thought perhaps the foot could have come from a kayaker who had been lost at sea. She said: “My heart goes out to whoever was involved.”

A police boat and diver were reported to have been searching Petone Harbour after the recovery of the foot.

Petone Beach is the site of the earliest European settlement in the area around Wellington, with the first Europeans establishing a base in the area from 1840. 

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