After Wolverine, Insomniac Should Take Black Panther For a Spin

ApocalypseShadow3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Black Panther would be cool. Representation is always great. But…

X-Men would be way better. See if Insomniac can handle multiple characters in one game backed by a great story. More inline with the classic teams. Who wouldn’t want to see Professor Xavier leading the band of Mutants: Cyclops, Marvel Girl/Phoenix, Wolverine, Ice Man, Beast, Storm, Colossus, Night Crawler, Angel and maybe Banshee doing what they do. The epic roster of heroes and powers going up against a web of Mutants either backed by Magneto and his Acolytes or Apocalypse and his Horsemen, would be “uncanny.” Uncanny X-Men that is.

More star potential. More sales potential. A great game could easily match Spider-Man sales. Even have Spider-Man do a cameo in it.