Watch this person recycle a bottle by 3D printing a Raspberry Pi case

3D printing is incredibly cool tech, but I’ve always been a bit bothered by all the plastic. Giving people the tools and power to create at home has led to amazing imaginative creations like this printed Cities: Skylines square (opens in new tab), or these helpful adaptive controllers (opens in new tab). But it still has the potential to encourage more plastic waste, and we don’t really need that as a global community. 

This is why it’s always exciting to see people get into 3D printing with more sustainable materials. We’ve seen printers that can make amazing shapes with delicious chocolate (opens in new tab), and have heard the promise of ceramics being printed with waste products (opens in new tab). Now settle in to watch one thrifty crafter go from a plastic bottle to folding Raspberry Pi case right before your eyes.

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