Redfall might be slow, but thats how Arkane likes it

SimpleSlave8m ago

The damage control has begun. The gameplay is out and mid and meh is the only thing that comes to mind. At least it’ll have “lots of loot”! With Fruity Loops colors I hope!!!

…Yeah, awesome…

Akrane’s Dishonored series and Neuro Shock (not Prey 2017) are absolute classics. Well above and beyond any Uncharted or Horizon or whatever trash passes as Cinematic Adventures Classics now a day. Arkane will be sorely missed.

The irony is that come 2078, the Immersive Sim Genre will be one of the de facto gameplay systems for most AAAAAAAAA Five-Dimensional Virtual for Real this Time Reality™ games. And First Person Perspective will laugh at the Third Person Retro dweebs.

Quote me outside how bout dat!

Now Arkane will be nothing but a Gamepass exclusive dev I imagine. And we all know how that ended for that other legendary studio. Rare how we hardly hear about them though…So sad!