Mike Tindall shares gluten free recipe for 'delicious' brownies – 'it was a success!'

Mike Tindall spent some time in the 2020 coronavirus lockdown baking and posting the results on social media. The 44-year-old former rugby player displayed his baking prowess by posting a picture of his “world-famous” brownies on Instagram during the pandemic.

Mike shared pictures of the freshly baked brownies as well as a handwritten recipe for the delicious delights which incorporate Wizards Magic chocolate bars.

The husband of Zara Tindall wrote: “So I decided to make my world-famous brownies (my words!!) but I tried to get rid of all the sugar.

“I used @thewizardsmagic and I have to say it was a success!!! Also, they are gluten-free!

“So sugar-free and gluten-free coming to a store near you soon, sounds good though!!”

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Unfortunately, Mike did not manage to remove all the sugar from the recipe and included 275 grams of caster sugar in his delicious dessert.


According to Mike on Instagram, royal fans will need:

185g of dark chocolate
85g of gluten-free flour
40g of cocoa
Three eggs
275g of caster sugar
50g of white chocolate.

Mike wrote next to the white chocolate: “Or sea salt chopped into chunks!”

Unfortunately, the rest of the recipe was not included in Mike’s Instagram post, but it is likely that the eggs and sugar would then be mixed in.

In Mike’s post, it is clear that the white chocolate pieces have not melted but are instead whole and can be seen in the finished product.

The mixture should then be placed on a baking tray and put into an oven at roughly 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, according to a BBC Good Food recipe.

Royal fans found Mike’s royal recipe for brownies extremely good.

Instagram user @carloefisioloi said: “Delicious!” Similarly, @marctwaite said: “They look awesome Mike!!”

Social media user @roycox150 added: “Well baked Tinds. If they taste as good as they look they’ll be a winner mate. Next Stop @britishbakeoff.”

Royal fan @mrslebel5 commented: “Those look great.” @camillasallylouiselatham1985 wrote: “Unfortunately I like my sugar! Wish I didn’t but I do.

“But gluten-free sounds good. But in a brownie, it’s meant to be naughty and full of all the bad stuff.”

source: express.co.uk