Woman 'so upset' after 'annoyed neighbour' leaves note on mother-in-law's car

A woman took to the parenting forum Mumsnet to complain about one of her neighbours who left an angry note on her mother-in-law’s car. “I’m so upset about it,” she said and explained that her mother-in-law comes to look after her two-year-old twins for half the week, always parks on her street and has never had an issue before.

The mother-in-law reportedly found a note on her car reading: “Your parking is very inconsiderate. You leave huge gaps between your car and others making it hard to park.

“My children need to go to school and should be able to park outside our own house in the mornings. Please learn to park better! Annoyed neighbour.”

The woman claimed that her mother-in-law didn’t leave any “huge gaps” between cars and opined that “no one owns the parking space on the road outside their house”.

Other people took to the comments section to share their thoughts with many saying that “anonymous notes are s***y”.

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However, some said that it is also annoying when they can’t park anywhere near their house “because others have parked leaving large gaps between cars”.

Another Mumsnet user asked if it is right to leave a note for the neighbours about other issues, such as noise.

The woman, with username @spangledboots, explained her neighbours were having a party with “constant banging from dance music being played loudly”.

She said that she doesn’t like confrontation and she doesn’t want to “go up there”, so she is tempted to leave a note.

Other users, however, opined that leaving a note is never “a good idea”. “More likely to get results from being polite, friendly and a real person.”

Another one agreed and said that if she doesn’t like confrontation, she should try a conversation instead.

“Leaving a note is rude (or to put it another way confrontational), making a confrontation at some point likely. If they turn out to be ar*** about noise there is plenty of time to have an argument, start by doing it nicely,” they added.

Similarly, another woman was considering leaving a note on her next-door neighbour’s car.

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The woman, with the username @astragirl, explained that her neighbour was blocking her driveway and she couldn’t use the car to go shopping earlier this week.

“I was thinking of placing a note on the window screen to politely ask them not to block my driveway again. He’s only just moved in so I don’t know him well.

“Do you think I am being unreasonable by putting up a notice or should I just drive out and mash up his car as I drive out?!” she asked.

Forum user @kitbit explained that if he is a new neighbour, “I’d definitely knock” as leaving a note “can come across as a bit snippy and unwelcoming”.

Another one, @lilstarry1, commented saying: “No note!! I received one of those notes and it drove me mad!”

The social media user opined that if she knows where he lives, she should just knock on his door.

“It’s much more personable and sociable. A note is actually quite rude and can seem aggressive, especially if it’s not signed etc.

“If you want him to not do it again and to actually like you enough to respect you, go and see him! Honestly, notes are never a good idea no matter how well intended,” she added.

source: express.co.uk