We take our cat on all our vacations — she’s been to 45 states

This cat is sure feline good after her trips to Italy and Paris.

One couple from Boston is taking their cat, Bao Zi, all over the world with them– and so far, she’s been to five countries, 45 states and 22 national parks.

Hélène Vincent, 34, and her wife, Alice, 38, started traveling a lot over the past two years, after their jobs became remote in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We started this lifestyle back in Covid when our jobs both went remote,” Vincent explained to Caters. “Before, we had lived in the city and always felt like something was missing from our life.”

However, they knew that if they wanted to travel, they had to bring six-year-old Bao Zi, a half Maine coon rescue with them.

Bao Zi
So far, Bao Zi has been to five countries, 45 states and 22 national parks.
Caters News Agency

Hélène Vincent, 34, and her wife, Alice, 38, with their cat Bao Zi
Hélène Vincent, 34, and her wife, Alice, 38, have taken their cat all over the world.
Caters News Agency

They told the news agency that they typically decide where they’re going to go next only five days in advance, and like to move nearly every week.

The couple described her as more dog-like than cat-like, as she’s extremely attached to the two of them and is super adventurous.

And, although Bao Zi was nervous during their first trip, she’s warmed up to jet-setting with time and is now an “easygoing traveler.”

“She loves car rides and just falls asleep until we get to our destination,” Vincent said.

The couple said that she’s totally calm when flying long distances, too.

Bao Zi transported in a purple and gray pet carrier.
Bao Zi gets transported comfortably in her pet carrier.
Caters News Agency

“She’s happier and healthier than she’s ever been,” Vincent said about their cat. “She used to have all kinds of medical problems that cleared up when we started traveling with her at four years old.”

When they travel, Bao Zi is comfortable in a purple-and-gray cat-carrier that the couple can strap on their back.

They also got her a harness so that she could use the bathroom outside, similar to a dog. Additionally, Bao Zi has a travel litter box in case of an emergency.

Bao Zi on a train
So far, the trio’s favorite places have been France, Arkansas, and Utah.
Caters News Agency

“She enjoyed walking on the leash during her bathroom outings and eventually she was the one who started taking us on walks,” Vincent said.

However, the couple is keen on making sure their cat is safe, and said that it helps them to be more in the moment, especially when they’re hiking outdoors.

“She explores the world from a different vantage point, she also helps us notice things we wouldn’t notice otherwise,” the cat mom explained.

So far, some of their favorite places to travel have been Utah, as Bao Zi is a huge fan of the desert and the slot canyons, as well as Arkansas, because she loves taking trips in the kayak.

Bao Zi in a car
She gets walked with a harness and they have a travel-sized litter box for her.
Caters News Agency

Bao Zi in a tree
Bao Zi feels welcomed in France as it’s a very “pet friendly” place, the couple said.
Caters News Agency

Outside of the country, Bao Zi has felt very welcome in France, as the couple said it’s a “super pet-friendly country,” so they’ve been able to take her to explore cafés, stores, and museums.

The trio is currently in Paris and Italy, and next one the list is the American Southwest– namely, Arizona and New Mexico, where they’ll all stay for a couple of months.

“The most amazing part is the chance to experience the world through her eyes,” Vincent said.

source: nypost.com