F1 LIVE: Verstappen cover-up, Hamilton retirement blessing, Stroll 'not happy' with Alonso

Former Ferrari and Williams team manager Peter Windsor has suggested that Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll may not be too happy with how the season has gone so far, despite the surprise success of Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard has clinched successive podiums in his first two races for the team, although Stroll’s son, Lance, has not been so fortunate. 

“At the end [of the Saudi Arabian GP], with all the Aston Martin mechanics in green in front of the podium and Fernando being Mr Charm, Mr Charisma with the fluorescent green Aston Martin cap and smile and just looking a hundred million dollars, you had to think, ‘not sure Stroll Sr will be that happy about the way things are going at the moment’,” Windsor theorised on his YouTube channel.

“This is Fernando almost becoming bigger than the team and [Stroll will be thinking] what’s happening with my son? Why’s he retired? What’s going on?”

source: express.co.uk