Lies of P is so blatantly Bloodborne that I feel bad for liking it

There are soulslikes that copy the difficulty of Dark Souls, or the corpse runs, or the forlorn fantasy worlds. A lot of them copy all of the above. But the fonts? That’s a level of shameless reproduction that makes me hiss through my teeth a bit, which is what I wanted to do when I started up a demo of Lies of P, the Pinnochiosouls game we’ve been mildly obsessed with since last year. The twist, which I am still trying to process, is that it also seems like it’s pretty damn good.

Lies of P is such an odd thing—I’d love to know if the developers decided the world desperately needed a dark and moody Pinnochio videogame first, or decided to make their own version of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne before poring through the public domain to find the right puppet. If they’d just started it a couple years later, maybe it would’ve been a Winnie the Pooh game again. Whatever the origin story, Lies of P is 100% committed to the bit.