Flabbergast Theatre’s Tragedy of Macbeth Review: A Tragedy of Undying Conviction

Flabbergast specialises in physical theatre, a fact evident from the very first pentameter, but as they undertake their first Shakespearian work it seems to be more of an experiment than a defined performance.

The absolute undying intention and conviction behind every single line and movement proves just enough to keep this performance afloat, even when audiences get confused in the stew of countless theatrical techniques.

Their emphasise on physicality also becomes their downfall. It’s no secret that Shakespeare’s prose is difficult to understand, especially when the last time you encountered Macbeth was in high school, but adding interpretive dances in the background doesn’t serve to make things any clearer.

In fact, these captivating background performances often become scene stealers, especially amid lengthy and convoluted monologues, as a man being repeatedly stabbed with a stick proves far more entertaining than Macbeth’s self-fulfilling prophecy.

source: express.co.uk