Konami Is Making a Comeback, but What About Metal Gear?

Now is a good time for those who shy from broad daylight. Silent Hill is coming back, with its concrete-coloured fogs. Fans might get a new Castlevania, with interest in the series sharpening like a thirst, thanks to the Dead Cells crossover DLC. A trademark has also been registered for something called “Project Zircon” – the zircon being a collectible item in numerous Castlevania games, most notably in Symphony of the Night. The begetter of both series – and thus the celebrated bringer of gloom – is Konami, which, like a recumbent Dracula, is gradually returning to health.

But there is one more cherished Konami son, of whom we are yet to hear anything solid. Where is Snake? And what should we reasonably hunger for, as fans of Metal Gear?

source: gamezpot.com