Eammon Holmes addresses 'very tough' upbringing as he wades in on 'bullying' row

Eamonn Holmes and his GB News co-star Isabel Webster were discussing how victims should react to bullying at school on Monday’s instalment of the news programme. The 63-year-old Northern Irish presenter told viewers he “learned through experience” it is better to “get the punch in first” rather than “give in” to bullies.

Isabel and Eamonn were discussing the best way of dealing with school bullies after a mother sparked a debate by praising her daughter for punching the bully in the face.

Bianca Austin, who is married to former footballer Charlie Austin, tweeted about the incident earlier this month and it was viewed two million times.

It read: “After weeks of being bullied by the same girl, numerous phone calls to the school and nothing changing, today when being called named my daughter finally punched the bully in the face – proud mum.”

Ahead of the GB News debate, Eamonn weighed in on the issue by reflecting on his own experiences.

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He began: “I have to say that I have learned through experience and through school and growing up in a very tough Belfast, it’s better to punch … Get the punch in first.

“You are doing your child no favour at all by saying, ‘Turn the other cheek’ or ‘Just give in.’

“This is because the bullying doesn’t go away and I will say this to anyone, it’s there in the workplace as well all the time.

“If someone knows you are not going to stand for it then you are less likely to get it.”

However, Isabel interjected: “I think there’s a difference if your kid is being punched. I would say, ‘Punch back and stand up for yourself.’

“But I wouldn’t say if there was a situation where they had been bullying you, that you should just go up to them and lamp them in the face.

“I wouldn’t agree with that because that can get your child expelled and that would have consequences for your outcomes in life.”
Eamonn agreed with his colleague’s comments as he sat back and listened.

However, he concluded: “But remember, if you are going to hit someone…”

“Do it properly,” Isabel added to finish Eamonn’s sentence as they encouraged viewers to get in touch on the matter.

The bullying debate was raised later on in the show, with guests Dawn Neesom and Fahima Mohammed clashing over the topic.

Dawn, a journalist, said: “I was taught as a kid to stand up for myself and sometimes that really is the only option.”

source: express.co.uk