Why was James D'Arcy replaced as Cassian Pewe in Grace?

Campbell said Branson’s feelings towards Pewe were the character had “come with baggage” when he becomes the boss.

He explained: “There is a conversation about who he is and what he’s done previously at the Met and obviously him and Grace don’t get along.

“For Branson that’s all he knows of him but in the final episode this series he sees the human side of him and he appreciates him I think.”

Adding: “What is really good about Grace as a drama is it shows there are pressures at every level. We knew that Vosper constantly had people down her throat but with Cassian he really starts to explain to Grace and Branson that it’s not just about us guys going out and arresting people. It is bigger than that.”

Grace season 3 starts tonight on ITV1 at 8pm

source: express.co.uk