Five 'key elements' to add to your kitchen to create a 'high-end' look on a budget

Kitchens are an expensive purchase and can cost even more cash to install. However, they are arguably the most important room in the home and can increase the value of your property by as much as 10 percent if a remodel is completed to a high standard.

Completing a kitchen renovation on a budget is possible and can add value to your home without costing you a small fortune.

Looeeze Grossman, founder of The Used Kitchen Company has shared her top five tips to achieve a high-end kitchen for less.

1. Buy a used or ex-display kitchen

Buying a used or ex-display kitchen can save you a huge amount of cash and could even see you land a bargain designer kitchen.

Looeeze said: “This is by far the best way to get that quality look for less. If you’re buying used or ex-display, always go for a slightly bigger kitchen than you need.

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“That way you have a few extras to use as fillers or end panels and wriggle room to adjust to the space. Used and ex-display kitchens usually come with stone/corian worktops which if bought separately can cost thousands.

“It’s worth factoring this cost in when considering upgrading your kitchen as this could otherwise add upwards of £2k to your budget.”

2. Accessories

High-end, luxury can make even the cheapest kitchen look “instantly” more expensive. Stainless steel or copper cookware is a great way to do this, as well as adding a fancy splashback or designer storage jars.

Looeeze suggested opting for a classic look rather than choosing the latest trends as these can quickly date. When choosing accessories and colours, think about whether they will withstand changing trends.

Looeeze added: “When it comes to colours, go for neutral colours, such as cream, an earthy greener taupe.

“These colours will rarely date and also work with changing accessories. When it comes to styles, the traditional shaker-style and more contemporary handle-less kitchens are both staples of any timeless kitchen.”

3. Repaint cabinets

Rather than investing in new cabinets, you can instead paint your old ones to give your kitchen a makeover.

Homeowners just need to make sure they buy the correct paint for the cabinet material for the best finish. Always make sure to seal the cabinets after painting to prevent chipping too.

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5. Feature lighting

Lighting is a “key element” in any room as it can change both its look and feel. 

To create a more “high-end” look, Looeeze suggested choosing “a feature pendant/chandelier above your kitchen island to add character and draw focus to the centre of the room”.

She added: “To create a warmer, homely-feel, try adding under-cabinet lighting which looks great and also doubles up as useful task lighting, which is particularly useful in darker kitchens.”