British tourists urged to swap Spain holidays for ‘great-value’ lesser-known beach break

Britons could save nearly £100 a night by swapping a beach holiday in Spain for an “affordable” break in Albania or Montenegro. Travel experts have said although flights might be more expensive, Britons will easily make up the difference in the price of hotels and meals.

New research from Wise found 74 percent of Britons are still planning a foreign holiday this year despite the cost of living crunch.

However, while the classic summer holiday destinations of Spain, France and Italy are topping the wishlist, Britons could save hundreds by heading to a lesser-known holiday spot.

According to the research, one in four British tourists focus on the price of flights when they book their holiday.

But while a flight to Albania or Bulgaria might cost more than a trip to Spain, British tourists will more than make up the difference once they’re there.

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Travel expert at the Points Guy UK, Nicky Kelvin, said: “A good deal on flights is often the difference between booking a holiday and not – but flights are just one part of your holiday spend.

“If you’re looking for great value, it’s better to focus on how far your money stretches when you get there – so, how much is a hotel room?

“A meal? A beer? Even if the flights seem like a great deal, you might end up paying through the nose on everything else once you get there.”

While the average cost of a hotel room in August in Spain is £143, tourists will pay just £56 in Albania and £32 in Montenegro.

A beer in France costs around £5.33 on average but tourists could find the same for just £1.53 in Albania.

The average price of a meal for two in Albania is just £22.82, compared to a whopping £53.26 in Italy.

After calculating the price of flights, seven nights accommodation, six days worth of dinners and a beer a day for two people, a holiday in Albania was £560 cheaper than Spain.

Albania has some of Europe’s prettiest beaches, while Montenegro’s clear waters are ideal for swimming.

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British tourists could also save money on a city break by travelling to a lesser destination such as Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The average cost of a hotel room per night in Mostar in August was just £83 compared to £170 in Rome.

Mostar is most famous for its bridge, a marvel of engineering, and its Old Town alleyways packed with shops.

Nilan Peiris, Wise’s Chief Product Officer, said: “Despite rising prices, most Brits are still keen to travel — even if they’re on a tighter budget.

“While popular hotspots are loved by tourists for a reason, people can end up spending more than they bargained for. Exploring Sofia instead of Rome, or Albania instead of Spain, means you can do more of what you love to do on holiday, whether that’s eating at a nice restaurant, exploring museums and galleries, or simply lazing by a beautiful pool.

“With 74 percent of Brits still planning to travel in 2023, alternative choices like these will be the key to an affordable holiday.”
If Albania or Montenegro hasn’t caught your attention, why not try Simon Calder’s budget recommendation in Poland?

Peak season getaways (Wise)

The prices are reflective of cost of flights for two people, six days worth of dinners and a beer each night and seven nights of accommodation in August

  1. Italy – £1,814
  2. Spain – £1,719
  3. France – £1,633
  4. Albania – £1,159
  5. Andorra – £1,077
  6. Montenegro – £907
  7. Poland – £897