Top Chef’s Luciana Berry spills on what Tom, Gail and Padma are really like off-camera

And one chef hoping they’ll have it takes to bag the World All Stars crown in Top Chef season 20 is Brazilian winner Luciana Berry. She’ll face off against winners from the likes of Poland, Canada and all over the globe to try and earn Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio’s plaudits. But while the Top Chef critiques aren’t known for holding back, Luciana exclusively shared what the Bravo judges are really like in the kitchens.

“They’re very kind, very kind,” Luciana told “I think like this old style of trying to get the attention of the audience to see the program on the shelves (by being) very rude, I think this is gone. 

“So they’re very polite,” the Top Chef star went on. “Because we know in the kitchen before, the chefs like scream at us and hit us. 

“But now there is a difference because they want respect. So I think that is an old-fashioned TV show, so they’re [the Top Chef judges] all nice and all polite, actually more polite than you think. 

“You know, even when they have to like criticise a dish, they are so nice,” Luciana reaffirmed before delving into how attitudes in the kitchen have changed as a whole over the years.

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After all, a number of TV chefs became small-screen hits for their abrasive and no-holds-barred demeanours in front of the camera, with Gordon Ramsey and a number of others springing to mind. 

But nowadays in working kitchens, Luciana shared her insight on how these days are up and a more inclusive and respected workplace has emerged. 

“One thing I’ve always believed like, when I work in my kitchen, I have like a lot of chefs under me, when a head chef has to scream – people will follow the rules because they are scared of you,” she said. 

Luciana went on: “But no, they should follow your rules because they respect you. 

“So that’s my discipline in the kitchen, there is no shouting because you want people to enjoy what they’re doing, working with foods is an art. So you need to enjoy what you’re doing.”

Luciana touched on her own experience working in the high pressures of a top kitchen. 

She explained: “I have worked in so many kitchens that I see many women cry. 

“So we just had International Women’s day and I actually want to do a post for that because I have seen working in a Michelin Star kitchen and seen women cry on the toilet. 

“And I was always the one to tell them, ‘Get out, wash your face and go there. Now if there is somebody who says something wrong to you, you say it back, fight for your place. Don’t cry like that’. 

“So a lot of when I do events for the London School of Business when I do talks about women in hospitality, I know how hard it is. 

“But I’m a tough person so I don’t take s**t from anyone in the kitchen. So if they say something to me, they’re gonna get that back.

“That’s why women in hospitality is growing now because the men, they realise you can’t be sharp, you can’t be rude, you can’t slap people. So that’s making a place bigger for us to go in which is so good.”

However, while she may adopt a calm manner in the kitchen, there is one ingredient Luciana doesn’t exactly share a fondness for. 

She said: “There is one ingredient that I absolutely don’t like to cook, don’t like to eat, in fact, I hate.

I love every single ingredient, I love every single thing but rhubarb. I can’t have rhubarb! If there is a rhubarb, oh my God, I’m gonna get out!”

Top Chef season 20 airs Thursdays on BRAVO in the USA and available to stream on Hayu in the UK every Friday.