Law Roach Addresses That Viral Zendaya Fashion Show Video

And even though he ended up with another seat, Law said that Zendaya is not to blame for the mishap. “That became really tough,” he shared of the speculation that followed the video, “because it made people think that Zendaya wasn’t taking care of me and wasn’t making sure I was taken care of.”

Law also clarified that he has “no beef” with the Louis Vuitton team, calling feud rumors “crazy.”

As for his bond with Zendaya? It’s tighter than ever.

“And people will say, ‘Oh, you not gonna leave Zendaya.’ But I don’t have to style Zendaya to be a part of her team and her creativity team, right?” Law said, referencing his recent retirement from celebrity styling. “So maybe if I choose, you know, not to be her stylist, I can still be her creative director and I can still, you know, manage a stylist or however I choose to do it. I haven’t made a decision.”

In fact, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actress is supportive of whichever path Law decides to take, he said. “She’s giving me the grace to be able to make that decision because we really have a kinship,” Law noted. “Like, you know, we’ve grown up together. And that’s all I ever asked, was for people who I worked so hard for to just give me grace when I need it.”