Denise Welch clears up ‘Olympic condom’ joke after request by Michael Caine’s wife

Earlier this week, Sir Michael Caine and his wife, Shakira Caine, welcomed their countless A-lister friends to celebrate his 90th birthday at a star-studded London bash, including Denise Welch. However, the Loose Women star may have gone a little too far in her toast as she has now been asked to clear the air around her risque joke about Sir Michael and Shakira’s sex life, which had Tom Cruise in tears.

Appearing on her Instagram story just a day after revealing her raunchy speech, Denise was requested to clear some things up, writing over the clip: “On behalf of Shakira Caine,” with a string of laughing and heart emojis.

Sounding slightly more formal than usual, Denise explained Shakira’s request: “She’s asked that because of the ensuing publicity over the jokes I told at Michael’s birthday, that the Olympic condom joke about Michael choosing the gold condoms was actually a joke and that it didn’t really happen in real life.”

The 64-year-old concluded with a joyful: “Thank you!”

Yesterday, the 64-year-old shared a short clip of her speech on Instagram, after being asked to say a few words by Shakira herself.

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Surrounded by party guests, Denise said into a microphone: “And only the other morning she said she heard a scream from downstairs.

“It was Michael shouting, ‘Shakira! Look, there’s a parcel! The Olympic condoms have come!’

“He said: ‘I’m going to wear the gold one tonight’, and (Shakira) said: ‘Why not wear the silver and come f**king second for a change’?”

The room erupted into squeals of laughter as attendees doubled-over in fits of giggles.

Someone was heard through the laughter saying: “Poor Michael!” as the camera panned towards the award-winning actor.

While Sir Michael seemed rather unphased by the raunchy joke, as he sat back sipping his red wine, Hollywood star Tom was left in stitches.

Dabbing the tears from his eyes with a napkin, Tom gently patted Sir Michael on the back before Denise continued her tribute to the Zulu star.

Tom’s reaction was not overlooked by Denise, as she gave the actor a shout-out in the caption saying: “Such an honour to be asked by Shakira to say a few words at Sir Michel Caine’s 90th birthday!!!

“He enjoys a dirty joke, and it appears that Tom Cruise does as well!!! Excellent company and a fantastic evening.”

Denise’s clarification on the risque comment also comes just hours after she brutally criticised her own portrayal in the media.

The Loose Women star shared a screenshot on her Instagram story of a headline suggesting that her connections to A-list stars like Sir Michael and Tom were only due to her marriage.

Denise’s husband, Lincoln Townley, has enjoyed a successul and star-studded career painting portraits.