UK is now the least forested in Europe, warns Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough warns Britain has lost half its ancient forests in the past century. The legendary broadcaster, 96, said England alone has more ancient oak ­trees than the rest of Europe combined.

But he said: “Since I was born, we have lost almost half of our ancient woodland. And now we are one of the least forested countries in Europe.

“Woodland covers only 13 percent of the British Isles, and human influence can be seen in every single bit of it. But there is a remarkable variety in the woodland that remains.”

Sir David’s latest series Wild Isles explores woodlands, its host of animals ­and the “hidden dramas that rule ­their lives”.

He will show ash-black slugs mating, while red squirrels, deer, robins and wild boar will feature too plus a study of beech trees.

Sir David will show his favourite tree, an ancient oak ­in Richmond Park, south-west London.

  • Episode two airs on BBC One at 7pm on Sunday.