'Never' make your bed as soon as you get up to avoid dust mites – 8 bedding mistakes

How often Britons should wash their bedding is always a topic up for debate, but there are also other ways to help keep the bed nice and fresh. For National Bed Month, which falls this month, the experts at MattressNextDay have shared eight cleaning hacks when it comes to keeping the bed clean.

1. Making the bed as soon as you wake up

The experts explained: “Is making your bed as soon as you get out of it part of your morning routine? If so, you should stop now.

“Eighty percent of household dust mites are made up of our own dead skin, meaning that you’re always producing more, even as you sleep.

“What’s more, dust mites love the warmth of your bed, so in the morning, you should pull back your bed covers for 30 minutes and leave them to air and cool down, before you make your bed.”

According to the bed experts, this will lessen the chances of dust mites loitering in your bed.

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2. Not changing pillowcases enough

It can be easy to forget to change the bedding, especially when leading a busy lifestyle and having several covers to change.

However, pillowcases can trap dirt as well as sweat and the skincare products you use before you get into bed, meaning they need to be cleaned more than the covers.

The experts recommended changing and washing pillowcases twice a week, with the duvet cover around once a week.

3. Not washing duvet covers at 60C

The mattress pros continued: “You should wash your bedding and towels at 60C as this is the recommended temperature for killing germs.

“However, if you change straight out of them in the morning and they are your second layer, you can probably get a couple of nights’ wear out of them.”

What’s more, washing pyjamas every day could mean an increase in energy bills and a shorter lifespan for the garments.

7. Not allowing skincare products to absorb into the skin

It is extremely important to clean your face before you get into bed and when you wake in the morning, but when using products such as moisturisers and toners, it is best to let them soak in before lying on a pillow.

According to the pros, this allows the skin time to absorb the products as opposed to your bedding. Even if you do wait this amount of time, bedding still needs to be washed once a week.

If this isn’t possible, the experts said: “There are things you can do to keep your bedding fresh – such as not eating in bed and not allowing pets on your bed.”

8. Not washing inner cushions

The mattress pros said: “Everything in your bed needs to be cleaned at some point, including the objects that you don’t actually touch.

“You should aim to wash your inner pillows at least three times a year as they soak up all of your sweat, dust and skin.”

source: express.co.uk