Inside Meghan and Harry's 'European style villa' where 'Princess Lilibet' was christened

However, the ceremony did not take place in a church, like normal christenings. Instead, it took place at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s home in Montecito by the Right Reverend John Harvey Taylor.

The couple moved into their Montecito home in Santa Barbara, California in March 2020 just at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Harry and Meghan share the space with their children Archie, three, and Lili, one. Their neighbours include the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry.

Occassionally, the Duke and Duchess have shared glimpses inside their Montecito mansion from video calls and also during their six-part Netflix documentary when they filmed videos at home.

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A spokesperson from Hi Spec Design spoke to to explain what Harry and Meghan’s home looks like inside.

They said: “The property itself is built very similarly to a European style villa, and its interior reflects that as well.

“Throughout the property, there is the recurring theme of traditional 18th-century design, with quite a lot of classic trends.

“It would be difficult to say if the property is more to Harry or Meghan’s influence. Naturally, you would think from the traditional European influence that it could be more Harry’s style.

“But it also fits perfectly with Meghan’s sophisticated aesthetic.”

The majority of the home appears to be neutral coloured, with a lot of white and cream walls. The expert explained what this says about Harry and Meghan’s personalities.

They continued: “The white and cream are calming, neutral colours and the gold brings a little bit of extra special detail into the home, without being over the top.

“Based on this, you could say that these neutral tones are a reflection of their personalities and that they do not like to be too ‘flashy’.”

The expert explained how the couple’s Montecito home will be completely different to where Harry grew up.

“Kensington Palace is much more a classic British home, compared to the villa in California,” the expert commented.

“The traditional interior style may be similar in some ways, although during the era that Prince Harry was growing up, there were likely to have been more 1980s or 1990s influence than the villa.

“For instance, such as baby pink fringed sofas that have been seen during interviews.”

Until now, Meghan and Harry’s children Archie and Lilibet were known as a “Master” and “Miss” respectively, and are still listed as such on the line of succession on the Royal Family website.

However, the 1917 Letters Patent dictates that all grandchildren of the monarch through the male line are entitled to have Princely titles.

As Archie and Lilibet are now the grandchildren of the monarch (King Charles III), and they are through the male line (that is, Prince Harry), they are entitled to have Princely titles.

But King Charles hasn’t bestowed these titles yet in a formal setting, despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex christening their daughter as “Princess Lilibet”.