'I’m a professional cleaner – stop using these four household products immediately'

Alyssa Armstrong is a professional cleaner from Michigan who owns the business Alyssa’s Deep Cleaning Company. On social media, Alyssa has gone viral on her TikTok account @alyssascleaningcompany as she gives advice on the best methods and products to use while cleaning your home.

Recently, Alyssa made a video where she advised her followers which popular household products she would never buy for her own home. In the caption of the video though, she stated that it was just her preference, as she wrote: “Buy what y’all want, this is just my opinion.”

The first item Alyssa recommended against is Windex, and she held up a bottle of the blue-liquid solution She said: “Windex is not the best glass cleaner and it’s not ammonia free.”

It should be noted that Windrex does have an ammonia-free version of its product, which comes in purple.

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Alyssa also advised against using Mr Clean’s Magic Erasers, which are sponges which are meant to be used for everyday household use, such as for cleaning a bathtub, walls or even lightswitches.

The professional cleaner said the sponges were “way too expensive” and “break in like five seconds.” In the comment section of the video, Alyssa recommended the Scrub Daddy Eraser instead which she said: “[it] does the same thing but last longer, and is a scrubber side!”

Alyssa is particular about cleaning sponges and has said she will not use any sponges that are not from the Scrub Daddy brand.

She held up classic yellow and green sponge often used for cleaning and said: “These are not cute like Scrub Daddy ones, and these stink after one use. My Scrub Daddies have never stunk.” Scrub Daddy sponges are sponges shaped like a yellow sun with a smiley face and a large pack can be found on Amazon for $16 (£14).

The professional cleaner also said she would not use Bona Hardwood Floor Polish. She said: “It leaves a film, it’s very expensive, and I don’t care that your hardwood floor person recommended it, don’t use it.”

The New York Post reached out to a representative of Bona, and senior brand manager Leah Bradley said in a statement that the product “is intended for use a few times a year, not as a regular floor cleaning product.”

Leah added: “It is a protective polish that renews hardwood and hard-surface floors by filling in micro scratches and scuffs, shielding against future wear and traffic, and adding a durable shine,” the statement continued.

“If the product is streaking, it can mean that there is an existing film on the floor (sometimes left behind by oil-based cleaning products), which can be removed by first cleaning with our Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Cleaner.”

In the TikTok comment section, people praised Alyssa for her advice. One commentator said: “You are 100 percent correct on everything” while another said: “As a cleaner, I have to agree.”

One woman named Kim said: “Been cleaning homes for almost 30 years, I 100 percent agree on all of these!”

However, other people defended the household products and swore by them. One user named Melissa said: “I love Bona cleaner for my hardwood.” and a user named Jessica said: “Vinegar and water solution and newspaper is the absolute best glass cleaner. Mr Clean sheets are amazing and take crayons and markers off anything.”

In the video, Alyssa said it was just her opinion as a professional cleaner and people should use what works for them. She said: “[This is my] personal opinion, I feel like you’re all going to come for me…but that’s okay.”

source: express.co.uk