This software lets you dip your toes into Quantum computing for free

One thing is certain about the future of complex computing: it’s going quantum. This futuristic technology has the ability to complete tasks in minutes that would take traditional computers years. It’s so powerful it poses a real threat to things like passwords and crypto (opens in new tab). Experts are even warning of a quantum apocalypse (opens in new tab), due to how easily quantum computing could disrupt our conventional security standards.

For now, quantum computing is reserved mostly for those who can afford it, which doesn’t tend to be individuals. Instead, it’s mostly constrained to big businesses and universities conducting research using wildly powerful and expensive quantum mainframes. There are some very basic personal quantum computers you can buy (opens in new tab) but they cost more than the PC gaming setup of your dreams, and likely be half as useful to you. If you’re looking to dabble in quantum, even if it’s just to figure out if quantum would work for you, there aren’t a lot of options.