You's Nadia star pays sweet tribute to co-star as she shares regret at lack of joint senes

Amy-Leigh debuted as Nadia in You season four when Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) fled to London to start afresh after faking his death and murdering his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) in the third season of the Netflix hit. The former Ackley Bridge star wasn’t the only newcomer to the You cast, however, although she’s now admitted there was one person, in particular, Amy-Leigh wished she’d had more screen time with. 

“Charlotte Ritchie’s in it as well who, we like to think of as our friend, don’t we?” Tim said to his Sunday Brunch co-host Simon on Sunday’s show. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Simon agreed before he joked: “Did we make her career, Tim?”

“We did, yes,” Tim quipped back before he turned to Amy-Leigh and asked: “She’s lovely, isn’t she? Good fun to work with?”

“She’s amazing,” Amy-Leigh replied, paying tribute to her new colleague before she admitted: “Yeah, I didn’t get to work with her as much as I’d have liked.

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“But I saw her quite a lot so that was nice,” Amy-Leigh added proving they regrettable lack of screen time didn’t stand in the way of a budding friendship. ”And I’m seeing her next week.”

This is to be expected given how Nadia and Charlotte’s character Kate share very few scenes together, with the two characters operating in different circles and only tied through their mutual connection to Joe.

Tim then tried his luck at getting Amy-Leigh to divulge spoilers, probing: “And how does it all end?”

“Don’t! I’m terrified!” Amy-Leigh hit back as everyone laughed. ”I’m terrified I’m gonna say it, I’m sat here shaking like I’m gonna say the wrong thing!”

She continued: “so part two… there are so many twists but it’s more like the old seasons of You where all the questions are gonna get answered and yeah, there’s a lot of nostalgia that’s gonna come back. 

“It’s so hard because it’s literally gonna be like there’s a twist every five minutes,” Amy-Leigh teased.

“You can’t tell us anything basically,” Tim joked as Amy-Leigh agreed: “I know, I know! Why am I here? 

“I play Nadia who is his student at the university that he teaches in and yeah, I mean, that’s literally all (I can say).”

The first part of You season four ended with Joe discovering Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) was behind the suspicious murders taking place in Joe’s newfound inner circle. 

However, fans aren’t exactly convinced all is as it seems, with the prevailing theory emerging ahead of part two being that Rhys is a figment of Joe’s imagination.

But will it be revealed that Joe has really been the killer of London’s social elite all this time or could mayoral candidate Rhys really be the man wreaking havoc on Joe’s life?

You season 4, part 2 premieres on Netflix on Thursday, March 9.