I tried the travel hack that claims Tuesday flights are cheapest – here are the results

Flight prices usually go up according to demand. This means that weekend flights are usually the most expensive as they’re the most popular days to fly for Monday to Friday workers. Tuesday is often seen as a less desirable travel day so is often thought of as the cheapest.

I decided to test out this travel hack by looking at flight prices to Alicante in Spain from London. I looked at flights leaving between May and August and used Skyscanner to find these results.


Although the price difference was sometimes only a couple of pounds, Tuesday was the cheapest day to fly to Alicante from London in every week of May.

I found a flight for just £19 on Tuesday, May 2 and £24 on Tuesday, May 23. The most expensive day to travel was generally Friday or Saturday.

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As expected flights to Alicante were slightly more expensive in June, but there were still bargains to be found.

Although Tuesday was still one of the cheapest days to fly in June, it didn’t always top the list.

I found a flight on Monday, June 26 for £35 while the flight on Tuesday, June 27 was £38. The cheapest flight on Tuesday, June 13 was one pound more than the cheapest available on Sunday, June 18.


In July, Tuesday was the cheapest day to fly except for one week, when Monday was the cheapest.


Tuesday was considerably cheaper than the weekend in some of the weeks, coming in at just £48 on July 28 compared to £78 on Saturday July 29.


In August, Tuesday was still one of the cheapest days to fly, but it wasn’t the cheapest every week.

The cheapest flight on Thursday, August 10 was one pound less than the cheapest option on Tuesday, August 8.

When it came to return flights, the results were much more random with Wednesday, Thursday or Friday often the cheapest day to fly back.

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Friday can be one of the cheapest days to return from a holiday as many tourists like to extend their trip to cover the weekend too.

Tuesday wasn’t the cheapest day to fly every week during the summer but holidaymakers definitely have more chances of finding a budget flight then than at the weekend.

However, the Tuesday flight hack isn’t foolproof and it’s still worth checking the prices of your flight for every day of the week.

I know it’s frustrating to hear if you have firm dates planned for a holiday, but flexibility is key when it comes to booking a flight.

If you are able to move your trip back or forwards by a day or two, you could save money on your flight.

James Brockbank, editor at The Family Vacation Guide, said: “Timing is crucial. Consider the time at which you board the aircraft rather than when you purchase your airline tickets.

“Booking a flight on a non-peak day; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are sometimes substantially more affordable.

“You can save hundreds by changing the dates of your departure and return later by just a couple of days.”

All flight prices were found on Skyscanner and correct at the time of writing.

source: express.co.uk