Allison Holker Shares Moving Message to Her Kids After tWitch's Death

Allison Holker has penned a sweet message to her children as they mourn the death of their dad with her.

The 35-year-old shared a note dedicated to her and husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss‘ kids Weslie Fowler, 14, Maddox, 6, and Zaia, 3, following his death in December.

“I will be here for you every step of the way through the highs and lows, the ups and the downs,” Allison wrote on Instagram March 4. “I will protect and I will guide, I will be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, I will have mom jokes ready for when you need a good laugh.”

Reflecting on teamwork as they navigate this difficult time, Allison noted the strength they share.

“My loves we are stronger than you could ever imagine. And we will stand strong together as a unit, and find the courage to hold each other up,” she wrote. “The love and light inside our hearts will still shine. I love you forever and always. Mommy”