The UK’s favourite forest is surrounded by ‘charming towns’ – full list

Although under 15 percent of the UK is covered by woodland, there are many incredible forest spots to holiday. Jorvik Tricycles looked at Google search results to find the UK’s favourite forest for a staycation.

The New Forest came in top as the UK’s favourite forest. The Hampshire national park had over 102,000 monthly Google searches.

A spokesperson from Jorvik Tricycles said: “The New Forest is one of the biggest forests in the UK, and with over 100,000 average monthly Google searches it is the most popular.

“It is a picturesque landscape with charming towns and villages dotted throughout. With over 100 miles of cycle routes, cycling in the New Forest is popular among visitors and locals alike.”

The New Forest is one of the largest areas of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in Southern England.


Once a royal hunting forest, the last monarch to hunt in the New Forest was King James II, but around 90 percent of the land is still owned by The Crown.

A great wildlife spotting destination, tourists might see wild deer, foxes and squirrels roaming the landscape.

Children will love the wild New Forest ponies and during the autumn, families might even spot pigs exploring the forest.

Pannage is a centuries old practice, where domestic pigs are released into the forest to eat fallen acorns and chestnuts. The acorns and nuts are poisonous for cattle and the forest’s wild ponies.

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Sherwood Forest was the UK’s second favourite wooded spot, with 43,000 monthly Google searches on average.

Famed as the legendary home of Robin Hood, Sherwood is also home to beautiful scenery and ancient oak trees.

Cyclists and walkers can attempt the Robin Hood Way, a 100 mile route that takes tourists through areas associated with the legendary archer.

Sherwood Forest’s impressive Major Oak is estimated to be around 1,000 years old and is just one of hundreds of the area’s ancient oak trees.

Epping Forest is London’s largest public open space and covers 6,000 acres of land. Home to 55,000 ancient trees, many are centuries old.

Some of Epping’s trees have been growing since Anglo-Saxon times and are some of Europe’s oldest living plants.

Just south-west of Manchester, Delamere Forest covers 972 hectares and was the UK’s fourth favourite forest.

Cannock Forest, Kielder Forest, Ashdown Forest and Thetford Forest also made the list, offering plenty of staycation inspiration.