Helen Flanagan divides fans after laughing off tearful toddler son's 'next level tantrums'

However, it’s early days yet, and she has been flooded with support from Instagram fans after admitting her son’s tantrums could get a little intense.

She and Scott had been planning a 2024 wedding date, before calling a halt to the preparations and then calling time on their relationship altogether.

Helen had already told the world she intended that Charlie would be her last baby, before her breakup.

This isn’t the first time she’s had parenting woes, as she opened up to Instagrammers in April 2022 to agonise that her son simply would not eat.

“I’m going to take him to a specialist this week. He eats nothing and I’m still feeding him like he’s six months,” she explained.

However, she stated she had confidence that, like big sisters Matilda and Delilah, once out of his “terrible twos” phase, Charlie would prosper.

source: express.co.uk