Roy Keane put on the spot as 'sexy' Kevin De Bruyne comment flagged by Laura Woods

City boss Pep Guardiola was similarly delighted by his side in a “tough” game away to Bristol, though refrained from referring to their performance in a similar fashion to Keane as he praised two of his stars. “It was really tough,” Guardiola told ITV. “Bristol showed us how good they can be. I was impressed by some players, I didn’t know them. The second half was much better.

“Dynamic, rhythm, work rate, his quality. His [Phil Foden’s] career was always up, up, up. This season he struggled a bit and was a bit down. But now he’s back for the best bit of the season. His impact has been amazing. Football pays off when you work like he does.

“When you play where Rodri plays it’s not easy. It was important for us he’s [Kalvin Phillips] back. We’re still alive in three competitions. We’ll see what happens in the future.”