Lucy Alexander addresses show with Ruth Langsford after Homes Under The Hammer exit

“She did this great big event and I worked with her on it. It wasn’t like a job. It was so much fun because every night we would go back to our hotel, go our for dinner, have a laugh.”

Addressing their friendship, Lucy went on: “She is like my bestie. She is so fantastic and I just love being around her because she’s got this incredible energy, a naughty laugh.

“I’m like, ‘god it’s late, we should go to bed’ and she’s like, ‘oh, come on. Let’s stay out.’ She has got so much energy that woman. Her and I, definitely, should do a show together. That would be one of my favourite things to do.

“[Ruth] and I go on holiday every year together. We always need another holiday by the end of it. We just do not stop talking.