Woman stumbles across largest footprint ever discovered on Yorkshire's Dinosaur coast

The discovery of a record-breaking dinosaur footprint confirms the Yorkshire coastline was a popular hunting ground for a Jurassic predator.

This fascinating fossil was found on a Filey beach by archaeologist Marie Woods, 30, while she was out foraging for shellfish for her dinner.

She contacted palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax, who is affiliated with Manchester University and co-author of Dinosaurs Of The British Isles.

Research revealed the 80cm footprint belonged to a flightless, meat-eating Megalosaurus, which lived around 166 million years ago.

And at 20ft tall and 1,500lb in weight, it is now the largest species recorded in Yorkshire.

The incredible fossil is to go on public display at Scarborough Rotunda Museum.

Marie made her discovery in 2021. She recalls: “I wanted to grab some shellfish for my dinner and stumbled across this. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, I had to do a double take.”

source: express.co.uk