Boxer vomits all over the ring after taking stomach-churning punch

Journeyman boxer Marquez Greer (0-15) was left vomiting after taking a crunching right to the solar plex from debutant Marquis “Hancho” Williams (1-0). Williams ended proceedings in the first round of their middleweight bout in Gadsden, Alabama.

A promising amateur, Williams, who was ranked No 2 in Texas before turning over, proved to be far too much for his underqualified foe. Greer has been stopped 14 times out of his 15 losses with 13 of those coming in the first round and really shouldn’t have been in the ring with Williams on the night.

A video shared of the fight by Tim Boxeo shows Williams wading forward with a series of straight shots before crumbling Greer with a well-placed right jab from the southpaw stance. As the referee began his count, Greer spat out his gumshield and threw up on the canvas leading to the bout being waved off.

The commentator then added insult to injury by announcing: “It looks like he’s throwing up, you’re talking about a serious case of indigestion.” According to the unified boxing rules, if a fighter starts vomiting, his opponent is immediately awarded a medical TKO victory.

*Distressing content warning*

Peden later confirmed that he was suffering from a viral infection leading up to his fight with Marquez. “Juan Manuel, I fought him in 2002, I think. He was in his prime, 26 years old, not 37, 38 like he is now. He’s not as sharp as he used to be,” Peden told The Fight City.

“I had a viral infection going into that fight, was hit with a nice body shot in the tenth round and started throwing up.”