Parents believe their kids know more than them about technology by 12 years old

It emerged 15 percent have previously been outwitted by their offspring as they successfully disabled the safety settings originally put in place.

And just 13 percent feel fully confident in navigating parental control features – with social media, video sharing platforms, and messaging apps being the biggest concerns in regard to their child’s safety.

When it comes to language, “Face Card”, “OOMF”, and “GRWM” are just some of the modern-day digital terms that two-thirds of parents have never heard of.

And while 28 percent know what Discord is, just one in ten (11 percent) are familiar with BeReal – despite its recent popularity.

The research was commissioned by Vodafone to mark the launch of its new parental controls and safety settings resource, Digital Parenting Pro, in line with Safer Internet Day taking place today (Tuesday 7th February).

Nicki Lyons, corporate affairs and sustainability officer at Vodafone UK, said: “When it comes to tech, any parent or carer knows what it feels like when your kids know more than you.

“This is why we’ve created Digital Parenting Pro, to help adults easily understand what safety controls do or don’t exist on the latest games or social platforms, what age they are recommended for, and what safety features there are.

“We understand just how fast things move, and our latest resource should give parents confidence when navigating the digital world.”

With 85 percent allowing their kids to access online content, digital safety came out as the top area parents feel most ill-equipped in.

One in three (33 percent) would feel more at ease with their child using the internet if they were able to regularly supervise, while 27 percent would feel this way if they had a better understanding of how to keep them safe.

And a further 32 percent would feel better if they knew they had the correct parental controls in place.

Despite the unfamiliarity when it comes to online safety settings, an encouraging 90 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, would be confident talking to their son or daughter about online precautions.

When it comes to being educated, 37 percent would like to learn more about modern day phrases and language, while 35 percent are keen to know more about the platforms their children use.

Will Gardner, director of the UK Safer Internet Centre, said: “Safer Internet Day 2023 is about encouraging children and young people to talk about their lives online, as well as providing parents and carers with the information and tools to facilitate these important conversations that go beyond a single day.

“It is great to see Vodafone actively supporting it with its new resource, as it will help equip parents with the information they need to help support their children online.”