'For the entirety of the flight she muttered profanities at me': Horrific airplane story

The video has had a huge 1.1M views on TikTok. In it, the traveller described a truly unsettling experience. Surya Garg uses her TikTok

She told her followers: “The absolute worst person to sit next to on an airplane, I think I just met them.”

Surya addressed the debates raging on TikTok and social media recently about whether people should switch seats to allow families to sit together. She explained: “My philosophy is if it’s a man or woman with a little kid, even though it’s annoying I’m going to give up my seat, it’s not a big deal. I remember people giving up their stress for me and my brother when were younger.”

She went on to explain exactly what happened on her recent flight. Surya said: “Tonight, I not only got asked to give up my window seat to sit in a middle seat, but the quote-on-quote family that asked me to do this was a mother and her son. Her son had to be a minimum of 16 or 17 years old. This man was 6ft 4, talking on the phone to his girlfriend the entire time we were boarding. This was her kid but he’s an adult.”

Despite the fact the young man was perfectly capable to sit on his own, Surya went on: “His mum says to me, ‘hey would you mind switching so I could sit with my son?’

“I said, ‘where would you want me to switch to?’ She points to a middle seat a couple of rows back. I said, ‘no, sorry, I paid extra for this seat. I’m going to sit in the seat I paid for.'”

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However, Surya’s fellow passenger was not at all happy with this response. Surya said: “This woman makes the nastiest face at me I’ve ever experienced. She sits down next to me in the middle seat she was assigned to and then, I kid you not, under her breath for the entirety of the flight she is muttering profanities at me. Like was I in the wrong here?”

One Twitter user JZ said: “The way she reacted is precisely why you should not give up your seat. Good job for sticking up for yourself.”

Emily Nicole said: “I’m starting to think isn’t ‘bad planning’. I’m thinking people are counting on ‘the Good Samaritan’ so they don’t have to pay extra for a seat.” One joked: “You’re not wrong. She just had separation anxiety from her 204-month-old son.”

Kristen Renee suggested: “I saw someone say they replied once with ‘200 dollars’. I think that’s smart because you didn’t say no it puts it back on them.” Brooke Reiz wrote: “You are not wrong whatsoever, and I worry for her son in every way.”

Should you move for children to sit next to parents on a flight?

This is more of a moral question than a rule. There is no obligation for travellers to move if asked by a fellow passenger for any reason.

The US Department of Transportation encourages US airlines “to do everything that they can to ensure the ability of a young child (age 13 or younger) to be seated next to an accompanying adult (over age 13) without charging fees for adjacent seating.”

The department suggests families shop for tickets that allow them to sit together and book as early as possible. They also recommend contacting the airline directly after booking to check if the family can sit together.

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source: express.co.uk