Hammer-wielding burglar who left actress Stephanie Beacham shaking to be sentenced

A prolific burglar who broke into Stephanie Beacham’s home and threatened her with a hammer will be sentenced at the end of this month. The Dynasty and The Colbys actress was left shaking after David Wilson battered his way in to steal valuables days after he was freed from prison.

Details of the daylight raid can be revealed after the 56-year-old admitted aggravated burglary. He will be sentenced next month.

Wilson claimed the burglary was “unplanned”, suggesting he did not know whose home he was breaking into until he encountered the shocked actress.

The Coronation Street star, who turns 76 later this month, is said to have disturbed him as he was ransacking her £750,000 home in Bayswater, west London, at around 2pm on September 25.

Wilson then threatened Stephanie, demanding money and jewellery as he menaced her with the hammer.

He ordered her to go to another room and shut the door while he carried on rifling through her belongings.

For 20 minutes, she waited helplessly as the thief grabbed jewellery, her purse, phone, cheque book and keys before leaving her unharmed.

When police arrived, they said the star – who found worldwide fame as Sable Colby in 1980s US soap Dynasty and later spin-off The Colbys – was profoundly shaken.

Defending Wilson at Southwark Crown Court, Claire Mawer said the raid “in relation to Miss Beacham was unplanned. He has experienced long-term difficulties with drug addiction”.

Wilson also admitted carrying out an earlier unrelated burglary at the home of a pensioner in Sheffield in May last year.

His guilty plea meant the actress was spared giving evidence at a trial.

source: express.co.uk