England must bounce back from boos with flying Scotland start at Six Nations – EXCLUSIVE

Kevin Sinfield and Nick Evans will bring new voices in defence and attack and new ideas too. There are some good human beings in there. Hopefully Evans can help to get the Marcus Smith/Owen Farrell combination firing.

It is kind of ridiculous that it hasn’t sparked yet – these are two of the best players in the world in their different ways and this partnership should be able to work. Farrell has all the experience in the world and Smith is England’s equivalent to Finn Russell with his vision and Russell is one of the best in the business at creating something out of nothing.

It has felt like England have been in the fog in recent times under Jones. I know the Borthwick version won’t be the finished article at this stage but let’s have a glimpse of what  England’s future will look like under him. Show us what you want to be.

This fixture is an ideal start in a way. England have home advantage against opponents who have made them look a bit silly the last couple of times they have played them. There is an itch to scratch. And let’s be frank, if England are incapable of beating Scotland at Twickenham then what chance have they got of winning a World Cup in France in the autumn?

source: express.co.uk