At long last, the Steam Deck UI has replaced Steam's Big Picture mode

It’s been a long time coming, but Valve has finally taken Steam’s old Big Picture mode—with all its blurry visuals and tabs that straight-up don’t work—and replaced it with a new, Steam Deck-inspired UI. It came as part of a hefty Steam client update (opens in new tab) released yesterday, and in my testing seems to work pretty well, but some users are reporting a few kinks that still need to be worked out.

I’ve put some pictures of the new UI below, and it’ll be incredibly familiar to anyone who’s futzed around with a Steam Deck. It’s pretty much just the standard interface of Valve’s handheld blown up to fit the dimensions of a proper TV. The mode now drops you straight into a list of your recently-played games, rather than letting you pick between Store, Library, and Community (the first and third of which usually just crashed Steam whenever I picked them) like the old version.