'I'm a cleaner and this is one thing you need to do every time you begin vacuuming'

Melissa Marker is a cleaning expert who has amassed an enormous following thanks to her genius tips and tricks. She ran her own cleaning business before amassing a huge 2.04M Youtube subscribers on the channel Clean My Space.

Melissa, from Canada, also posts her cleaning tips on her TikTok account @cleanmysapce, where she has 18K followers. This includes videos explaining how to clean your vacuum, so it cleans your home more efficiently. Not cleaning your vacuum thoroughly means it won’t suck up dust and dirt and you will need to replace it sooner.

The cleaning expert asked homeowners: “When was the last time you cleaned your vacuum’s filter?”

While many might forget to clean this part of the hoover, it is actually essential to keeping your vacuum running properly and cleaning your home effectively. Melissa explained: “If it’s filthy, it can’t suction property and can tax the motor. Cleaning it takes seconds to do.”

She went on: “The grossest part of your vacuum by far is the filter and it’s so easy to forget to clean. But once you rinse it and allow it to dry, your vacuum won’t be taxed anymore and it can pick up all of those fine particles that it’s supposed to.”

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source: express.co.uk