Brazil’s Bolsonaro requests US tourist visa amid investigation into inciting violence

According to Bolsonaro’s lawyer, the ex-President has submitted an application for a six-month US tourist visa. Immigration officials from the US confirmed that they received his application for a B1/B2 visa last Friday.

The AG Immigration Group said in a statement: “We look forward to achieving the highest level of satisfaction and desired results for our client.”

It is thought he entered the US on a A-1 visa for sitting heads of state which will expire on Tuesday, 30 days from the end of his term as President.

The former leader is staying in the gated community of Encore Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, which has seen fans gather outside the residence in support.

The right-wing politician has been residing in the Sunshine State since December 30 and hopes to remain while an investigation into his role in inciting violence is completed.

While Lula’s inauguration ceremony went without a hitch, the following week saw riots reminiscent of the 2022 January 6 Capitol Hill riots in Washington.

At the beginning of the month, hordes of Bolsonaro supporters stormed the capital and vandalised governmental buildings, demanding the election be overturned.

Rioters broke past security and stormed the Presidential palace, Congress and the Supreme Court amid claims of election fraud.

The former president is subsequently being investigated for if he played a part in the uprising.

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He said: “It could be tomorrow, it could be in six months, he might never return, I don’t know. He’s relaxing.”

However, a number of democratic figures in the United States have written to President Joe Biden to “revoke” any visa held by Bolsonaro.

A group of 46 lawmakers in Washington DC sent the letter earlier this month which said: “The United States must not provide shelter for him, or any authoritarian who has inspired such violence against democratic institutions.”