Novak Djokovic fans 'want to fight' Australian Open hecklers ahead of Tsitsipas final

“Well, I hope that all the people who are going to come to the finals are going to be there for tennis and sport because that’s what we all wish for,” he said. “We all wish that players, fans focus on tennis, celebrate this beautiful sport, marvel one of the most special matches throughout the year, which is slam final. There is four slams, and this is one of them.

“Again, I’m really excited and privileged to be in that finals against Tsitsipas. You mentioned communities, Serbian and Greek communities, are big, for sure. The Serbs and Greeks historically get along very well. I just don’t think there’s going to be any conflict on and off the court in terms of the crowd.

“In contrary, I think I’m confident that people will support their respective players in a respectful way, and let’s see what happens.”