Jennifer Lopez: ‘Shotgun Wedding’ star Josh Duhamel saved me from cliff fall

She could have been Jenny from the drop.

Jennifer Lopez credits onscreen husband Josh Duhamel with saving her life in a stunt gone wrong.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, the duo — along with fellow “Shotgun Wedding” stars Jennifer Coolidge, Cheech Marin, Callie Hernandez, D’Arcy Carden and Steve Coulter — were asked which cast member was the most likely to nail a stunt on the first take.

The 53-year-old “Jenny From the Block” singer claimed that she and her 50-year-old hunky co-star “got pretty good” at stunt work for the film, which dropped Friday on Prime Video, especially when they were handcuffed together “to do all that crazy stuff.”

“Except for the one time I almost went over the cliff,” Lopez clarified.

Jennifer Lopez as Darcy Rivera and Josh Duhamel as Tom Fowler in "Shotgun Wedding."
Jennifer Lopez as Darcy Rivera and Josh Duhamel as Tom Fowler in “Shotgun Wedding.”
Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

Wondering what went down, Lopez turned to her peers and explained, “So you know how in that scene where my dress was caught on the wheel?” she asked. “Well, one time it got caught in the wheel.

“And I was going over, and I’m looking at Josh, I’m like, ‘Josh! Don’t let me go! Please!’” she recalled.

“He’s like, ‘I got you! You go, we go!’” Lopez laughed, giving Duhamel a hug.

The Post reached out to reps for Lopez and Duhamel for comment.

Things could have gone differently though, as Armie Hammer was initially cast in Duhamel’s role before he was accused of sexual abuse and cannibalism — allegations he has denied.

And it was J.Lo’s real-life husband, Ben Affleck, who loved her up at the movie’s premiere.

From the director of “Pitch Perfect” and the producers of “The Proposal,” the R-rated “Shotgun Wedding” follows Darcy (Lopez), Tom (Duhamel) and their opinionated families as the couple wed in a destination wedding. Just as they’re getting cold feet, the entire celebration is taken hostage — and the rom-com turns into an action film.